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 Applications for Retribution Guidelines - Read This First!!

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PostSubject: Applications for Retribution Guidelines - Read This First!!   Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:59 pm


We prefer that you be Trans level 80+. If you would like to join and donít meet the level requirement please post in your application how you plan to meet it. Weíre always looking for determined people.
-- You must attend at least one woe per week.
-- You must be Friendly and respectful to not only your guild mates but people outside as well.
-- No drama, ever. Maturity is a requirement.
-- We ask that you be active on our forums and informed about guild projects and ideas.
-- You must have Ventrilo for WoE purposes. (A microphone IS NOT required, you just need to hear.)
-- You must be fluent in English for communication purposes.

Making the Application:

Make a new topic in the Applications forums with the title being your name, then post these questions with your answers within it.

1.) Your in-game name and your aRO forum name:

2.) Your base / job level and your class:

3.) Please list your current gears from head to toe including those for WoE (include anything you might have that most donít). If you have different sets for different reasons, please share.

4.) What is your WoE availability? Wednesday/Saturday or both? (Please be aware of the ďmember rotatingĒ before submitting this application).

5.) Do you use Battlemode?

6.) What is your real life age? Do you feel you follow directions well when in the heat of WoE and are mature enough to handle problems if they arise?

7.) Have you been in any other guilds? If so, Share your history with us and any reasons you have for leaving.

8.) Do you have a microphone? (Ventrilo is currently a requirement for this guild. If you do not have a microphone you MUST have a way of hearing).

9.) Why do you wish to join Ret or where did you hear about us?

10.) What do you feel you can do for Ret and what can Ret as a guild help you with?
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Applications for Retribution Guidelines - Read This First!!
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